London Dispatch: The King’s hunting grounds

June 9, 2013
Green Park on a beautiful spring day is an oasis of green in a city's city. No sign of its past as a famous dueling ground. I wonder if these stalwart old trees stood...

London Dispatch: Ladurée macarons

June 8, 2013
Ladurée macarons. Heaven in every color and flavor. For those who know, no explanation is needed.  For those who don't, no explanation is possible. Creamy....

London Dispatch: Greetings from Buckingham Palace

June 7, 2013
It was a lovely Friday morning, and despite waking up with a horrible backache, I was up for a walk to Buckingham Palace.  Why not see the changing of the guard? That,...

London Dispatch: Fashion through the ages at the V&A

June 7, 2013
Fashion, especially women's fashion, can instantly bring me back in time to scenes I remember from historical books or movies. Maybe it's Gone with the Wind. Or Jane...

Proof she got motherhood right

June 14, 2011
In the deep hours of the night, when I can't sleep, strange and random thoughts float around in my mind. The other night it was this:I admire that Prince William and...

After the royal wedding: random thoughts

April 30, 2011
Prince Harry cuts quite the figure. And Pippa has quite the figure. It's an unforgiving style that only a young woman in great shape could pull off. And she did. Pippa...

Kate’s evening dress

April 29, 2011
This is what she's wearing to the party tonight. She is such a beautiful young woman and I love the...

Royal wedding tidbits

April 29, 2011
If you're just waking up, here are a few odds and ends from the last few hours. {I got two hours of sleep before midnight, and that's it. However, my BFF from Florida...

Men in kilts

November 30, 2010
Continuing along my current Scottish theme this post is inspired by the fabulous @SubrbnPrincess, who told me her husband wore his kilt the other day, and she wore her...

Bewitching brides, dazzling designs & fetching frocks

November 27, 2010
The chill in the air means a wardrobe change. Bear with me, because I've been infatuated with this Tartan Spirit couture line by Scot Joyce Young since I saw it in...

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