“We’ve gone as far as we can go…”

March 30, 2023
"We've gone as far as we can go on gun laws.  Thoughts and prayers:" Covenant School Thurston High School Columbine High School Heritage High School Deming...

My heart hurts

July 8, 2016
I'd like to write something heartwarming today, like about my dog, or my husband, or maybe a friend I love. But really, I can't get over how my heart aches over some...

No respect–and the boo-boo of Honey Boo Boo

October 30, 2014
Headlines these days are full of horror. It's become the new normal. Kids shooting other kids. Law enforcement officers and soldiers shot to death. Home-grown terrorists...

Commit to taking one step. Just one.

July 11, 2014
If you've been following my blog you know that I've become less and less tolerant of the violence in our world. I'm tired of people dying from violent crime. Kids,...

How to reduce gun violence

August 11, 2013
"We have grown further & further away from civil discourse in this country." How do we stop gun violence? For one, we need a memory longer than the last shooting...

What we can do to stop violence

December 27, 2012
Our nation is shocked and grief-stricken. It's time to harness those emotions (before they fade)  and do something about the violence that's so pervasive.First, on...

Something’s systemically wrong in America

December 19, 2012
Something is wrong in the U.S. of A.  and we’re too busy waving flags at soldiers  to do anything about it.  I wrote that after the Connecticut murders and...

"Honey, get the gun!"

March 1, 2012
Our neighborhood e-list has had an ongoing discussion about our many solicitors, real and fake. And by fake, I mean thieves casing homes for future robberies. Lots of...

Sad, senseless, tragic

June 30, 2010
Two Tampa police officers were killed early this morning during a traffic stop. Shot in the head. Police know who killed them and believe they are closing in on the...

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