The crazytown of prescription drugs

April 28, 2015
Let me say it outright: I do not believe prescription drugs should be marketed to the general public. I don't know what the government was thinking when they allowed...

Ebola virus and protective neurosis

August 10, 2014
I'm a world class neurotic, the kind who pulls out the hand sanitizer after the sign of peace at Mass. The kind who wipes the cart handles off at the grocery store....

Traitor body

February 26, 2010
That's what M. calls it. The big and little health issues that crop up as a result of age and the cumulative effect of lifestyle choices we've made over the years.Access...

Women’s health: it’s complicated

December 2, 2009
Let's go back a few weeks to when I was all discombobulated about my mammogram and women's health exam, almost three years late because my GYN retired.I was a little...

The death panel and ad hoc medical care

August 24, 2009
The trauma continues. My blood pressure is sky high over it, too.The test that was supposed to happen today but couldn't happen till tomorrow because the pet scan...

A medical system in freefall

August 24, 2009
This is the way M. and I feel when we're together.But right now, as we wait, wait and wait some more for tests and the results of tests and the next steps before we...

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