Unexpected consequences of benign neglect

September 15, 2023
We arrived at our little East coast house two weeks ago to discover the unmistakeable smell of mold in our basement. When I'd left in early spring, everything was...

Could you live like this?

April 30, 2023
A lovely few days with our family in Boston, who were agreeable to enjoying some art and architecture. So that's what we did. Come on up the stairs! Welcome to...

What do you get when you combine nostalgia with homesicknes...

March 8, 2023
Yes...hiraeth. That's what you get. More than nostalgia. Our pasts are full of lost places, places we'll never be in again. And not just homes, like this one, the...

Are we the same person at 70 that we were at 16?

August 18, 2021
Not spending any appreciable time in my hometown over the years meant I missed opportunities to reconnect in a meaningful way with old friends and family. I was ok with...

How do we find home? What makes a Californian?

July 13, 2021
This question is current for me, as I start to look ahead, further out than I've ever looked. Looking through a telescope at the far horizon seems to be a function of...

Can you ever really go home again?

July 27, 2020
When I was not even 21 I left my hometown of Rochester, NY (the suburban town of Irondequoit, to be exact and EAST Irondequoit, to be precise.)  I left to start a new...

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