Irish falconry and the Blarney stone

March 17, 2015
I fell in love with Ireland, completely and utterly.  In my dreams I got a teaching job there at Trinity College and lived near downtown...all those pubs.  I heart...

Kisses, green beer and St. Patrick

March 17, 2014
Yeah, you thought today was just about green beer and shamrocks, right? Well, it's also about gratitude and blessings. Because St. Paddy? (no, it's not Patty, it's...


June 26, 2010
How could I forget to have shared this? In Ireland, I tasted poteen. It's a traditional Irish distilled beverage that's highly alcoholic. 60-95% ABV (alcohol by...

Magic bus, magic bus

June 21, 2010
It wasn't the Merry Pranksters' Magic Bus, which probably would have made it a better way to travel. I mean, Ken Kesey was a great travel agent.This was our first...

Comin’ home

June 19, 2010
We've had a fantabulous time on this trip, yet another milestone in our life, which is one ongoing honeymoon.But M has started humming the theme tune he wrote for Riley...

Flowers across the ocean

June 16, 2010

I left Ireland but just can’t leave him behind

June 14, 2010
Illusion is the first of all pleasures.-Oscar...

Bog men gay?

June 12, 2010
A few years ago, a couple bodies of murdered Iron Age men in their 20s were recovered from peat bogs in Ireland. This was a HUGE archeological find and we saw them on...

Slán a fhágáil – farewell

June 12, 2010
In Ireland there are no strangers,only friends you haven't met before.--AnonymousWe bid farewell to Ireland in the morning with many wonderful memories. Chief among...

Last Dublin walkabout this trip

June 12, 2010
Where did you meet the love of your life? Will tour guides point it out one day? This is where James Joyce met his Nora.Ireland loves its writers.On a pub wall: one of...

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