Images of Acqui

October 4, 2010
A week is not such a long time, after all, but then, a month in such a place as this would be just as...

Ready for winter

October 4, 2010

Secret gardens in Italy

October 4, 2010
This archway leads to office buildings that belong to the Commune di Acqui Terme. (If I remember correctly.) Step inside.Look up. The ceiling is frescoed. It looks...

What’s real & what’s not?

October 4, 2010

Universals ~ in any language

October 3, 2010
Some things are the same, no matter where you go.Like shopping for handbags.And...

Misty mornings in the Italian hills

October 3, 2010
Breakfast on a misty Saturday was in the lovely kitchen. And on an overcast Sunday, it was warm enough to eat outdoors on the terrace. Cinnamon and sugar atop...

Kitchen still life

October 2, 2010
This could have been taken (or painted) in any of the past four centuries, couldn't it? But that's the way life is, in the Italian countryside. Despite modern...

Cupcake of the day ~ Italian-style

October 2, 2010
Sometimes, a picture truly is worth a thousand...

Italians love their dogs

October 2, 2010
Dogs are a really big thing in Italy. They're everywhere, even in some cafes. I've noticed that few have had "obedience training." We've seen quite a few huge Bernese...

Market day in Acqui Terme

October 2, 2010
Friday is market day in Acqui. Vendors spend the morning hawking their wares to bargain hunters. There's a lovely produce, fish and cheese market. Near the center of...

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