Countdown clock: 5 days

September 24, 2010
I've checked the weather for Acqui Terme and it looks like it could be cooler than last year. But that's what the forecast told us last year and it was way warmer than...

Countdown clock: 6 days

September 23, 2010
My plan is to lay everything out on the bed today and see what I have.But I'm kind of tired, being up too early and all. Well, I do have six more days.We'll...

Countdown clock: 7 days

September 22, 2010
Still a lot to do before we board the plane to Italy. A lot.Like today. Tai chi, followed by signing the papers on our new home, followed by Trainer Chris.Did I say...

Countdown clock: 8

September 21, 2010
Eight days til we leave for Italy.I have a pile of stuff waiting to be organized.It's in heap in a suitcase.But probably not the one I'm bringing.I've never been...

Italy: a love affair

September 13, 2010
I can't imagine living in Italy, as old and impatient with bureaucracy as I am, and especially since I'm not fluent in Italian. But as a place to visit? The best. La...


October 4, 2009
Just having flashbacks. That's...

La dolce vita

September 27, 2009

A day in the country

September 26, 2009
The day is overcast. But not cold.Tires crunch on gravel in the distance. Leaves move, almost imperceptibly.A bird chirps behind me. Not loudly. But continuously, for...

The colors of the Piemonte

September 25, 2009
Red-red geraniums and roses.A truckload of deep purple grapes, sweet and juicy.Bitter-green cicoria and dandelion, growing wild.A corn-fed scrambled egg, full-bodied,...

Praise to Him on high

September 25, 2009
Bells peal the time and ring praise over the valley, a blending of practical and provincial in the beautiful...

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