We will never be here again

August 19, 2016
We may lose and we may win but we will never be here again He was young and impossibly fresh-faced and adorable when he came to our attention in the early 1970s, part...

Love’s bright & fragile glow

July 30, 2013
  If you’ve ever walked any distance with a pebble in your shoe you know what it’s like to be a political progressive born into a family of...

Of missing pieces

May 25, 2010
For those of you who don't like Grey's Anatomy, how about The Pretender? Here's my all-time favorite singer-songwriter-poet, Jackson Browne, with David Lindley on...

Jackson Browne doing Warren Zevon

November 21, 2009
Jackson Browne did this Warren Zevon prayer last night. Loved it. By the way, Warren's insight on dying: Enjoy every sandwich.RIP, Warren. An American...

Let Creation reveal its secrets

November 21, 2009
Jackson Browne. Appeared tonight. Clearwater.Fabulous, as usual. This was the fourth time I've seen him.He closed the concert with this, one of my very favorites.That...

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