May holiday spirit be with you all year round

December 24, 2022
I've had reason to think long and hard about holiday spirit this season and even to have a discussion about it with a dear friend. So here's what I want to say: We...

How you can help Ukraine and others at the same time

March 2, 2022
I'll get right to the point: I've been donating a portion of the proceeds from my shop to help Ukraine and this will continue for at least the next week. Probably...

Six things for Sunday

March 8, 2020
It's Sunday. Maybe it's not your day of worship or maybe you don't worship at all. It doesn't matter. Today is your day for inspiration. Just say that it is.  Here are...

Would you remember all beings today?

November 28, 2019
The Thanksgiving holiday is a perfect time to offer this prayer of our love and kindness for all beings. It's so beautiful you might want to consider it for grace at...

Looking for the light in dark times

October 28, 2019
Many of us are looking for the light in these dark times. Does that describe you? It certainly describes me. Because I am seriously distressed with what I see from some...

Generosity revolution

October 12, 2017
People on social media can be cruel. But they can also be generous and inspirational. They can start a generosity revolution. Such was the case with a group of women I...

The wisdom of kindness

July 28, 2017
Don't you love being kind to others? Brightening their day, even if it means just a quick call, a thoughtful gesture, a sweet compliment? Opportunities to do something...

Lovingkindness meditation

April 7, 2017
Lovingkindness meditation as described by Jack Kornfield is such a beautiful thing to do, especially (but not only) when we're working on forgiveness.  It's so darn...

Thoughtful gifts that won’t break the bank

October 20, 2016
Fall colors have set the world ablaze in many areas, but the dark days of winter are just around the corner.  It's a season for kindness, I've always thought. And...

Changing despair to hope

June 29, 2016
I keep hoping that if we all just concentrate on being kind and doing kindnesses, including random acts of kindness, we'll counteract some of the nastiness that we see...

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