How Tongan war spears reminded me to laugh about getting ol

December 6, 2023
The entrance to our little community in western New York is hard to see in the dark. That's because our second home is in a somewhat rural area without street lights....

“Life’s too mysterious, don’t take it ser...

October 4, 2023
Life's too mysterious, don't take it serious! For years I had this saying up in my house and I thought about it again the other month when a favorite cousin called...

Legacy of laughter

May 24, 2017
I love that clown, don't you? When I think of my friend, Elaine, I think about her smile. Well, really, her grin. She's a humor writer and looks at everything through...

Let’s get laughing, why don’t we?

January 23, 2017
If you're a friend of mine and especially a man, the next time I see you I would just love for you to do this. Just sayin'. I'll let you imagine me laughing. Laughing...

Laugh your a*s off!

July 6, 2016
"How do you stay so upbeat and happy?" a friend asked the other day after she and I shared a laugh. "You're the happiest person I know!" Well, here's the truth. I've...

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