Transcending the transcendent

April 12, 2017
Have you ever had a moment out of time that was, well, transcendent... so transcendent that the you felt it was almost supernatural?  That it was so meaningful that it...

Understanding life

March 31, 2017
Save It's dark outside and I'm sitting alone deep in thought and I think I've discovered the key to understanding life. It occurs to me that we come into this life...

Stand up and be counted

November 29, 2016
Some months ago ago I had reason to be in a discussion involving someone who had at one point in their life been a key player in an anti-establishment human rights...

Me: who I am

November 25, 2016
Hello to all my new Facebook friends! I'm happy to have so many likeminded new people in my life, especially since I've transitioned a few out recently. I mean, why...

Resistance is futile

November 17, 2016
The process of living changes us. Sometimes, our hearts feel battered and bruised and other times our hearts are so full they feel like they could burst. Life changes...

The waning days of fall

November 11, 2016
October is a beautiful month, probably my most favorite month, just as fall is my favorite season. It's still fall, but since I was raised in the Northeastern U.S.,...

Silence: the sound of a heart breaking for our country

November 9, 2016

Hard lessons, battered illusions & hope

November 8, 2016
Or maybe these are the worst lessons being learned at the worst times. There's a lot to learn from presidential elections and usually what we learn has more to do with...

A word about normality

November 2, 2016
Normality is a well-paved street; it is good for walking, but no flowers will grow there.* I've always thought normality was overrated and still do. It's just not...

Happy girls are the prettiest

October 28, 2016
Ok, so style icon Audrey Hepburn didn't write these beauty tips. But she did quote them a lot, it's said, and I can see why.  I mean, who doesn't believe in...

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