Enemies & angels

October 25, 2016
Many fundamental Christians rile on about Satan as "the enemy." I've got to tell you--that kind of extreme talk about enemies never made sense to me.  Enemy simply...


October 19, 2016
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood. Have you ever felt misunderstood? Have you ever felt "how could someone I have known so well and so long NOT know my...

Finding your life lesson

October 5, 2016
One of the most beautiful songs of my generation is Cat Stevens' Father and Son. i had a difficult relationship with my father, especially as an adolescent and so...

What price independence?

September 21, 2016
One of the best things about the growth of cable TV is the breadth of programming and the ability to expose ourselves to things we might not otherwise see up close and...

Vulnerability and shedding armor

September 8, 2016
I was pretty surprised to discover that one of the things required of my studies in Integrated Imagery is nosing around in my own subconscious. Truth is that we all...

Dance. Now.

September 2, 2016
Excuses. So many excuses for not living fully.  For not taking time to dance now. I have to work. I can't take time off. I don't have the money. or I don't want to...

How we view the world

August 30, 2016
Although my immediate family is long gone now, I've come to appreciate my hometown of Rochester, NY so much more in recent years. It's a small, western New York city,...

Life overload

August 18, 2016
  We are a society overloaded with information, and I fear, overloaded with activity. We're too damn busy, that's what I think. I'm thinking of myself, of...

How to set limits

July 20, 2016
I learned how to set limits back in the late 1980s, when I was training to be an emotional support volunteer with people who had HIV or AIDS. The idea then was to...

Chocolate or vanilla

July 11, 2016
As part of an exercise for school I had to ask people who know me well to give me some of my positive traits. I was happy to see one of my nephews list Your sense of...

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