Some losses rearrange the world

June 14, 2023
That's the thing about loss, isn't it? Our world changes forever. Our hearts break. Someone we love leaves. A beloved pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge. Death takes...

If only we could freeze frame moments in time

March 22, 2023
Have you ever had a moment in time that was so special, you wished you could freeze frame it and revisit that moment over and over? Yeah, me, too. We're getting...

Could I have cried my last tear?

February 7, 2023
My other ex-husband died a few months ago. I felt... nothing. Blank. Flat. Unemotional. No reason for me to be so indifferent about it. He was a good man. He...

Why I looked for a therapist

October 21, 2022
I've been struggling, have you noticed? With everything. The state of the world. The losses I've experienced. My own world view. If you've been reading along, you...

A good man and the last of that generation

September 29, 2022
I called him Uncle Frank, but he wasn't actually my uncle. Although he WAS married to my favorite aunt. SHE was only related because she had been married to my...

Coping with grief and loss

February 16, 2022
She held her grief behind her eyes like an ocean & when she leaned forward into the day it spilled onto the floor & she wiped at it quickly with her foot...

Pondering the tender beauty of loss and discovery

January 19, 2022
Age brings with it the gift of history, the ability to look back over decades and see how the chapters of our life unveiled and, if we're lucky, to see the meaning of...

How to find the lessons

September 25, 2017
This can be a bitter pill to swallow about tragedies and loss, but that does not take away from its wisdom. Or its truth. It's something to think about. What does it...

A young widow shares her story

July 14, 2017
I met Laura when we worked together in Tampa years ago, so I've known her more than a decade  I remember when she and Henry decided to get married and I loved their...

We lose everything

June 23, 2017
Life is full of losses. Think about this: eventually, everything we love will be lost to us. The carefree days of our youth. Our pets. Our parents and loved...

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