Besame: retro chic for the 21st century

January 2, 2014
It started with Mad Men. Well, it really started with Dita Von Teese, this 1950s retro thing. Because for a long time, no one wanted to look like a 1950s woman, and...

London Dispatch: Fashion through the ages at the V&A

June 7, 2013
Fashion, especially women's fashion, can instantly bring me back in time to scenes I remember from historical books or movies. Maybe it's Gone with the Wind. Or Jane...

Mad Men: what’s a woman worth?

May 29, 2012
Peggy (l.) and Joan (AMC's Mad Men) Sunday's episode of Mad Men surely raised the eyebrows of today's young professional women, who have grown up with the idea that...

Mad Men, retro fashion & leap day proposals

February 29, 2012
Mad Men's coming back and I'm excited! It's fun to suspend time and live in another era for an hour a week. Especially because I'm just crazy about retro fashion.I'm...

Mad Men: work-life balance

October 25, 2010
There's been lively blogging and a wide variety of analyses of Mad Men in major publications since the show's finale.Here's a paragraph that struck me:We talk about how...

Detached mothers & Betty Draper

October 21, 2010
I hate to beat Mad Men to death, but hubby and I have been talking about Betty Draper today. So let's dish.Betty's a terrible mother, isn't she? She's immature, abusive...

Cupcake of the day: Mad Men

October 20, 2010
Nope. Not kidding. These are Mad Men cupcakes. Complete with cigarette butt and maraschino cherry.You can find these over at, along with...

Mad Men & human nature

October 19, 2010
You only like the beginning of things, Dr. Fay Miller says to Don Draper on Mad Men.But isn't that human nature? We all like the beginning of things best. When...

The wisdom of Don Draper

October 8, 2010
"People tell us who they are,but we ignore it, because we want them to bewho we want them to be.”-Don Draper/Mad Men....

Real Mad men out of control

September 12, 2010
Why the Federal Trade Commission was...

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