Moving West: Party down!

October 12, 2015
Chapter  10 Our first party in our new home  We used our new phone to call our friends and invite them over to sit on boxes, drink wine and eat pizza. Mary Ann,...

Moving West: the cat’s in the kettle

October 5, 2015
This is almost, but not quite, the last chapter in the saga of a move we made in 2000. If you'd like to read it from the beginning, the links to earlier chapters are...

Moving West: getting cable

September 28, 2015
Chapter 8 Getting Cable Let this be a cautionary tale. Or moving advice. Your choice.  Oh, and this move happened in the year 2000. Just in case you haven't read the...

Moving West: Purgatory

September 16, 2015
Chapter 7 Still trying to get to the section of Pac Hell called Purgatory As I sorted and organized my cozy little office office, time flew by. It was already 4PM and...

Moving West: Hansel & Gretel’s cottage

August 24, 2015
Chapter 4 Hansel and Gretel's Cottage We hit San Jose just past sunset. I was anxious to see my new home. I had accepted the fact that moving back to California would...

Moving West: exiled to Pacific Hell

August 18, 2015
Chapter 3 Our first taste of Pacific Hell I really don't remember much more about Texas, just that the wheels of the car droned on and on until we stopped in El Paso...

Packing: how hard could it be?

August 11, 2015
Are you moving? Have you moved? You'll relate to this mini-series on a move I did some years ago during which pretty much everyone was tortured. In one way or...

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