The complicated story of a Roy Orbison concert

May 30, 2014
Who doesn't love Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman? The first few bars of the song, a hit in  1964, defined my young adolescence. And the Traveling Wilburys were a particular...

Someone left the cake out in the rain

January 5, 2014
Is there a sillier song lyric? I mean, seriously, is there? I hadn't heard MacArthur Park in years until it came up on my Sirius rotation the other day. I have NO idea...

Love’s bright & fragile glow

July 30, 2013
  If you’ve ever walked any distance with a pebble in your shoe you know what it’s like to be a political progressive born into a family of...

The toilet at CBGB in NYC

June 5, 2013
This seems to be my season to encounter toilet scenes. What I love about this toilet I saw  at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art is just that: it's part of a...

What if he’s an angel?

April 1, 2013
The other day I emptied my wallet of all its cash and gave it to a homeless man on the street."What if he's scamming you?" my girlfriend asked, shading her eyes...

Paradise and love

February 15, 2013
Isn't it funny how the simplest things  can be the most wonderful when you're with the person you love? Walking through a forest. Taking a drive. Watching TV...

Barbra Streisand

December 30, 2012
Does this woman look 70? Not too long ago, I saw The Guilt Trip, Barbara Streisand's latest movie.Her skin was flawless. In fact, she looked 40. But she's 70.The...

When music was no longer, well, MUSIC

December 6, 2012
 CAN  YOU HEAR ME  NOW? Once in a while I'd wonder, which of my senses I could live without? They're all important--I'm used to having all five and I couldn't,...

Knopfler rocked; Dylan proved you really can’t go hom...

October 22, 2012
Newsflash, Bob: you haven't looked like that in a very long time. Not even sitting in the heavy traffic heading to Candlestick for the Forty-niners-Seahawks game...

The Ipod feedbag: an idea for Apple

May 11, 2012
"What's your favorite cardio?" my trainer asked the the other day."It's all boring," I told him.It's the truth. Cardio is boring.Even if you're running alongside the...

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