My fantasy world

March 7, 2014
So girlfriend and were chatting yesterday.  She's around my age and had a beautiful mother whose genes she inherited. Although she doesn't think so. And so she's had a...

“Thank you, Mood!”

February 18, 2014
If you're a fan of Project Runway, you know those words. Mood Fabrics co-stars as the place where competing designers find the fabrics and notions that make their...

Best in Show–for real!

February 7, 2014
We are en route to New York City and the crazy, wonderful Westminster Dog Show.  That's because one of the cutest French Bulldogs we know will be competing.  Rocky is...

In pursuit of magic

August 12, 2013
 "Quick!" girlfriend said, as we strolled down a busy Manhattan street. "You need a photo of that!" She pointed out graffiti that read: In pursuit of magic. It's sort...

Intervention on a plate

June 28, 2013
Fishs Eddy in Manhattan is one of the most smile-inducing places in the city. No need to spend a dime, either. Just step in and prepare to be entertained.  The...

“I’m not paying to take a photo of your penis-&...

June 19, 2013
The juice truck was parked on a busy Manhattan street with this eye-catching display of vegetables. So, of course, what's a girl to do, but take a photograph? "That'll...

The toilet at CBGB in NYC

June 5, 2013
This seems to be my season to encounter toilet scenes. What I love about this toilet I saw  at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art is just that: it's part of a...

Treasure hunting in Manhattan

June 3, 2013
I love a good treasure hunt, and where better to seek out beautiful treasures than New York City?  We spent an entire day immersed in design, fun and fascinating...

The golden years can kiss my ass

May 28, 2013
So there I was, minding my own business in Manhattan, hanging out with eight girlfriends, all of us in or near the Golden Years and all of us on vacation. After a long...

Gypsy Boomers on the move

May 17, 2013
                 We are women of a certain age,gypsy Baby Boomers from tribes all over the countrywith children and without,with ex husbands and late...

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