Going back in time

May 14, 2014
There was once a day when we knew the model and make of every car on the road. Including this iconic finned Cadillac Coup de Ville that we spied while out on errands a...

The pilgrimage called “life”

March 18, 2014
When we think of pilgrimages we think of white-robed faithful walking a spiritual journey. They leave their destination expecting to encounter hardships along the way...

Tenements, immigrants + courage

March 14, 2014
We think we're brave? No. Here's brave: A mother with babe in arms getting on a boat in Sicily--or Ireland--or any other country-- in some form of steerage under...

Snow, ice & Currier & Ives

February 24, 2014
Snow.  That scene's  idyllic, isn't it? The snow looks so soft and fluffy. But when you've had so much of it, the charm dissipates a bit.  That's what my...

“Thank you, Mood!”

February 18, 2014
If you're a fan of Project Runway, you know those words. Mood Fabrics co-stars as the place where competing designers find the fabrics and notions that make their...

Frosty morning fantasy

January 11, 2014
The glass window panes in Atlanta were ice-cold to the touch--actually-- frost-cold. You can just make out frost against the panes in the photograph. The wind chill was...

What I’ve been up to since India

December 22, 2013
From the looks of things around this website and blog, you'd think I was still in India.   No, we're home. And we're back to our regularly scheduled programming here...

Family pictures: “if only we knew what was ahead̷...

October 29, 2013
Do you ever look at old family pictures and wonder at the innocence they portray? How we knew nothing of the life that was to unfold? How each decision we made took us...

Half Moon Bay afternoon

August 23, 2013
Summer has worn out its welcome early, I think. Maybe it's the vagaries attributed to climate change, or maybe, after so many years in Florida, I've lost all interest...

Marriage, music & the Mob

July 15, 2013
I saw Jersey Boys the first time in San Francisco. There on a writing retreat, alone, I walked up one evening and got last minute tickets relinquished by...

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