Going home again

July 16, 2012
Home.For me, it's always been several places. Syracuse. Tallahassee. Los Gatos. San Jose. Mountain View. Saratoga. Tampa. Schoen Place But there's only one hometown...

Found family: an epiphany

July 2, 2012
My family put the dys in dysfunction, and I knew it way too young. It was disappointing, perplexing, embarrassing, sad; and at times it’s been a source of tremendous...

Parents lives.

June 19, 2012
I was lucky enough to come into a treasure trove of historical family photos,  particularly exciting because all of my personal photos fell victim to far too many moves...

How to build a Moroccan garden

May 17, 2012
We made a false start at landscaping last spring, our first spring after we bought this house in Fall 2010. Maybe we didn't have a clear vision or maybe we picked the...

To know it for the first time

May 14, 2012
There was a time when I'd rather rip my tongue out than say that Rochester's an interesting place. But hey: Rochester is an interesting place.My trips to my hometown...

Happy Mother’s Day to doggie mamas

May 13, 2012
Beautiful Henry is my sister-in-love's delightful Irish terrier. There is no sweeter dog. Anywhere.  He happens to live in Rochester, NY, and we visited him last...

Prodigal daughter

May 9, 2012
Just back from my home town, I've been thinking about how disconnected from it I've always been and so has M (who's from the same city). I just never rooted there.I'm...

The sisters are arriving!

May 4, 2012
Sisters From Another Mister by Ilse Valfre The sisters arrive today. No, not mine. My sister-in-love's three sisters get in from NJ for graduation festivities and...

Dreams: where the future begins

May 2, 2012
I'm arriving in my hometown tonight for festivities surrounding my nephew's graduation from college.Passages like the one he's going through this weekend always remind...

Hot apple cider on a cold November day

November 11, 2011
Someone mentioned hot apple cider today and it instantly transported me back to my childhood in western New York state.Bundling up to step out into cold, crisp, blue sky...

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