Can you afford a pet?

August 2, 2022
I've been in animal rescue, fostered and I have had pets of my own, usually rescue pets, since 1973. Cats and dogs. I love them all. They add so much to our lives, don't...

The future is here: to mask or not mask?

April 5, 2021
Now that many of us are vaccinated against Covid we may be wondering if we should mask, still. I am here to remind you that the public health answer is YES. Public...

The frustration of talking with those who cannot see

November 16, 2020
There's a lot of willful ignorance out there. I say "willful" because sometime I sit in disbelief of how people I thought were discerning can hold such dissonant...

How much do black lives matter to you?

June 1, 2020
I don't know how to tackle this subject and do it justice. I just know I have to try, even If I stumble. Do you find it as strange as I do that we have to actually...

When did we lose our sense of humor?

January 6, 2020
When did we become so grey and humorless-- --when did we become people who carry the weight of the world on our shoulders --all of it--taking ourselves and everything...

Why we should raise our words, not our voices

November 4, 2019
We live in such uncivilized times, don't we? I'm beginning to really despise the way social media have become a bully pulpit for uncivilized discourse. The politics of...

Looking for the light in dark times

October 28, 2019
Many of us are looking for the light in these dark times. Does that describe you? It certainly describes me. Because I am seriously distressed with what I see from some...

The curiously closed mind

September 9, 2019
Very few people have a truly open mind, I've found. They're programmed by rigid beliefs based on schooling, religion or something else.  They have a hard time with...

Why we demonize medicinal cannabis

August 28, 2019
Nothing is ever simple, and that's also true of the strange relationship our country has with cannabis. It shocks me how some ignorant people demonize cannabis with no...

Welcome to Crazytown, USA

June 4, 2019
Welcome to Crazytown, USA. We live in interesting times, as the Chinese proverb says. Maybe too interesting, if you ask me. Some strange, strange stuff going on. I...

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