All mistakes serve a purpose

October 30, 2013
"Your best teacher is your last mistake." That is, if you're willing to recognize it. And learn. What are your thoughts about mistakes? I'm not a parent, but it seems...

About therapy

May 31, 2013
No, it's not Christmas or even close to that holiday. But it's come to my attention recently that there are still people around who do not believe in psychological...

Dreams: where the future begins

May 2, 2012
I'm arriving in my hometown tonight for festivities surrounding my nephew's graduation from college.Passages like the one he's going through this weekend always remind...


March 15, 2012
When I see little kids and pets,I can't help but want to hug on them, pet them,coddle them, be gentle and nurture them.It seems so unspeakable when I hear of...

Going to hell in a handbasket*

February 11, 2012
I saw this day coming. The day in which three-year-olds compete in beauty pageants wearing heavy eye-makeup, false lashes and dressed as the main character in the...

Handling unattended children

December 8, 2011
This sign hangs on the wall in my hair salon.It may be the best definition of "effective" ever, as I have never seen an unattended child...

The wooden spoon

November 26, 2011
Show any Sicilian-American kid this picture and s/he will get it, immediately. Here's the scenario: Sicilian-American Mom: Don't do that. Kid: (does it anyway) Mom:...

A family is a family is a family

June 1, 2011
I don't have much to say. Just this:More than half a million kids are in foster care.More than 100,000 await adoption. That's right. They're languishing in institutions...

Botox and push-up bras for 8-year olds?

May 16, 2011
Feast your eyes on this:a padded, push up bra marketed for seven-year-old girls by Ambercrombie Kids.SEVEN-YEAR-OLD GIRLS. Have you heard about this? It was all over...

Look down for the magic

November 28, 2010
Curly Girl Designs card.Holidays seen through the eyes of a child are magical indeed. That's why it's so importantto make fun holiday memories with...

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