Why so much Boomer hate among the young these days?

January 10, 2023
Most bloggers my age have received random blog comments from strangers that express hatred and resentment toward the Baby Boomer generation. Usually the complaint (ok,...

Have you figured out the best diet for peace of mind?

February 3, 2020
Every morning I turn the TV on to a cable news channel to make sure the world hasn't ended. And then, I turn on the weather. Or my DVR. Or music. Or I read. Because, and...

Want a peaceful life?

October 19, 2017
How hard is it to find a peaceful life? Maybe not as hard as it seems. It's not necessary to watch the news every day. Or read it. Or respond to it if we do read...

On peace

April 21, 2016
Certain things are true. Such as, "just do it." Which means, stop all the excuses and reasons and rationalizations and make it happen. (I'm good at those...

Sunday peace prayer

October 25, 2015
Today's peace prayer brought to you courtesy of the Santa Fe Farmers...

Peace on earth: benediction and beacon home

November 25, 2014
This was published in Nov. 2011 in my local Patch.com edition, but I thought it was appropriate for this week. It was 1984, and I’d just arrived in California,...

It’s a WTF kind of world

October 16, 2014
It's a WTF kind of world.  You know what I mean. WTF seems to be the only response to some of the things that happen in our world. A journalist gets...

Pray that peace take root in our troubled world

August 12, 2014
Pray for Peace I must interrupt regularly scheduled programming because the world has gone mad once again and terrorists of all flavors are running rampant, many in the...

Intolerance isn’t always a bad thing

June 18, 2014
Something's been shifting in me for a while and it has to do with my tolerance for violence, real or implied. I have no tolerance for it any...

Living with an open heart

June 8, 2014
These past four days I lived in a place where all hearts were wide open. No, we weren't all sitting around singing Kumbaya. Not at all. We were scientists, scholars,...

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