It’s National Masturbation Month

May 7, 2014
Let's pretend he's our age. But if you're younger: In the interests of equal opportunity: or this one I try to acknowledge the month every year. If you'd like...

“Just because you can…”

April 4, 2014
There seems to be a whole lotta pride out there, these days, and I'm all for it. But when the internet allows everyone the opportunity to strut their stuff for all...

Bettie Page: an American original

January 15, 2014
This post has an adult theme. If this offends you, please do not go further.         Back in the day, pin-up girl Bettie Page became famous for...

India: Elegant archways lead us back in time

December 8, 2013
One of the most beautiful features of historical India is the archway and we saw it in many different renditions, all of them graceful and romantic. and...

Family pictures: “if only we knew what was ahead̷...

October 29, 2013
Do you ever look at old family pictures and wonder at the innocence they portray? How we knew nothing of the life that was to unfold? How each decision we made took us...

Old photos give us a peek back in time

August 6, 2013
It's hard to believe that the beginning of the 20th century was more than 100 years ago.It doesn't seem like it could be that long ago.  Time passes so quickly, doesn't...

A happy bride then, a happy wife now

July 21, 2012
L to R: my maternal grandparents Papa & Mama, me, Michael. July15, 1972 Who knew that I'd have only one surviving official photograph  from my first marriage...

Father’s Day and brothers in arms

June 17, 2012
We're the last generation that will ever sit with a box of old, faded photographs, my husband pointed out when he saw me poring over old family snapshots and portraits...

Back to the future: a photographic trip down memory lane.

May 16, 2012
Most of my most significant old photographs have disappeared. Too many moves, for one thing. But also, when M. and I divorced in 1980, I discarded all our old...

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