Hello darkness, my old friend

October 6, 2016
"World-weary," is how the writer Oriah Mountain Dreamer terms her mood these days, days in which she says that information overload makes her feel as though she knows...

The impotence of being Trump kids

September 7, 2016
I have to admit that as a fan of The Apprentice, I once marveled in this very pages at Donald Trump's ability to raise three smart, well-educated young people. While...

Fools are rushing in

August 8, 2016
I've seen this quote attributed to Mark Twain, Abe Lincoln and "unknown." It doesn't really matter who said it--it's come to mind about a thousand times during this...

How Trump can win the White House

June 28, 2016
These are the people who can put Trump in the White House. Even though America was founded by people seeking tolerance and acceptance for differences, those are...

“Balls!” said the queen

June 27, 2016
"Balls," said the Queen. "If I had two, I'd be king." The King laughed, not because he wanted to (two) but because he had to (two). At dawn the air is cool and if...

The human race

June 7, 2016
One of the most disturbing things about what's going on now is how so many people are more focused on our differences than our similarities. For those of us who were...

The trouble with the “isms”

March 21, 2016
It's been 110 years since abolitionist and women's rights advocate Susan B. Anthony died in my hometown of Rochester, NY and 168 years since the suffrage movement...

Know anyone guilty of delusional thinking?

November 20, 2015
Fair warning: this is a rant. I let it sit a few weeks, so it's not about current events. It's always wise to let rants sit, but even after that, I decided to post...

If you smell something…

October 4, 2015
We're in the long lead-up to our next presidential election and the bullsh-t has begun to fly.  Presidents are skillful slingers of the cow patty; consider how Bush...

Bring jobs back to America?

October 1, 2015
I can't hold back any longer.  There is nothing more specious as this rah-rah belief that Donald Trump and his business (ahem) skills will bring jobs back to America....

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