How we’ve failed to meet the promise

April 18, 2023
While visiting my nephews in Washington, DC I visited the new-ish Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. I wanted to to remember an ex-boyfriend, now dead, who was the...

When they just don’t get it, eggs must be broken

August 30, 2022
If you are looking for a definition of tone deaf, or an example of missing the point, here you go: The other day a social media friend posted that she didn't...

Do you “see color?” What does that really mean?

July 19, 2022
On a TV show the other night a woman claimed she did not "see color" and the people of color in the group went crazy because it sounded like she was invalidating their...

If you’d like to know how unconscious racism works:

May 20, 2022
Unconscious racism. I saw a perfect example in a FB friend's post: "I'm sad that women in this country are regarded as below even a black man." Whoa! Below EVEN a...

How I rid myself of social media anxiety

January 11, 2022
"...we still need to discuss this. We live in this world together.... what is this conversation really about?" ~Wagechi Mutu in an interview. This one is...

Why are we still playing the Blame Game?

November 16, 2021
"And they looked around for someone to blame."                               ~  in a Lisa Ling story on violence against                    ...

The facts about Dr. Seuss

September 14, 2021
A few months back Faux News was all over the place with the story that a handful of Dr. Seuss titles will no longer be published because they foster damaging...

How much do black lives matter to you?

June 1, 2020
I don't know how to tackle this subject and do it justice. I just know I have to try, even If I stumble. Do you find it as strange as I do that we have to actually...

How a naive Boomer had to correct her thoughts about racism

January 28, 2019
It turns out I'm more naive than I thought. I blame it on being white. See, I thought we'd pretty much handled the worst of racism. When Lyndon Johnson got civil rights...

Racial divide: too real

December 23, 2014
One 30-year-old local who gave his first name only as Carlos, didn’t hear the fatal gunfire but saw the hysteria aftewards and walked to the police tape. “A lot...

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