Pray that peace take root in our troubled world

August 12, 2014
Pray for Peace I must interrupt regularly scheduled programming because the world has gone mad once again and terrorists of all flavors are running rampant, many in the...

In support of civilized discourse

October 6, 2013
There's too little civilized discourse these days, and too much heated rhetoric. Any chance to understand people who hold different beliefs is overwhelmed by insults...

Bridging the gaps that separate us

August 16, 2013
Well, ok, here's the thing. Some people may not agree and if you don't, I'd like to hear your respectful disagreement. Read on: We must learn to live together as...

Changing our country one person at a time

July 22, 2013
What would it mean to live in a city whose people were changing each other’s despair into hope? – You yourself must change it. – what would it feel like to...

Dialogue is how we reach understanding

June 26, 2013
National (and individual) conversations about racism, homophobia and bigotry have amped up this week, starting with the Paula Deen deposition and on to the invalidation...

The real issue with Paula Deen’s racist statements

June 21, 2013
Paula Deen's on the hot seat this week, with just about everyone excoriating her for racist statements. Someone foolishly booked her on the Today show.  Fortunately,...

Nostalgia: how good were "the good old days," rea

July 7, 2012
The good old days weren't so good for these people. THIS (click the word) very powerful piece referring to the Mad Men nostalgia craze and why "the greatest...

Father’s Day and brothers in arms

June 17, 2012
We're the last generation that will ever sit with a box of old, faded photographs, my husband pointed out when he saw me poring over old family snapshots and portraits...

How to be true to yourself

May 31, 2012
Thanks, Mary Costanza, for this! I've always lived by this creed and have the reputation to prove it.One day at work, an elderly redneck client told a racist...

Dr. MLK and love

January 16, 2012
I have decided to stick with love.Hate is too great a burden to bear.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.For those of you too young to remember,this is the way it wasin the...

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