Lies, damned lies and more damned lies

June 3, 2012
by British street artist Banksy A wise woman and blogger* I follow wrote recently about lies in relationships.  The subject resonated for many readers, who had...

What’s on the other side of that exit?

May 24, 2012
That's the amazing thing. Every exit takes us somewhere else, even if we don't know exactly where. But isn't that the great thing about...

Her Blondeness returns!

May 21, 2012
Image from It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.Or what she's doing at any given moment.I'm writing a book. Just not the one I...

Only love

April 27, 2012
I know.You had no idea Johnny Depp was so deep, right?Neither did I.It's a great quote.My life has broughtme together with some of the most loving peopleI could ever...

Moroccans still respect their elders

March 25, 2012
I don't know about you, but if I'm traveling somewhere new,I like to read a little about the customs and moresso I don't inadvertently step in it.Here's something I...

Give a relationship what it needs to grow

March 16, 2012
She kept a box of letters &dried flowers & some oldchocolate in a dark place &watered it until it started torot & then she put on herbest dress &...

The dangers of toxic stews

March 4, 2012
"If I had kids, I'd definitely feed them organic," my husband said last night. "I can't make up for the damage I may have already done. But if I were younger or if I had...

Gum drop heart

February 14, 2012
I love the idea of an open heart being sweet....with a soft chewy center.Like a gum drop.Nothing more wonderful than coming across a soft, open heart.Like my...

Give yourself what you need

February 13, 2012
Yes, it's that time again. Tomorrow is Valentine's Dayand for some, it's not a day full of hearts and flowers.Maybe you don't have a lover at the moment.That doesn't...

The strength of love

January 17, 2012
Curly Girl Designs I have seen some extraordinary examples of love in recent years.When we think we can't do it, love gives us the strength.Having felt the power...

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