Sister wives? How about "brother husbands?"

April 15, 2011
One does not truly love a person yet seek to enslave himby law or by bonds of dependency or possessiveness.-Harry Overstreet, the Mature Mind I'm still a fan of...

What is love?

April 14, 2011
Art by Katie Daisy The love of a person implies not the possession of that personbut the affirmation of that person. It means granting him gladlythe full right to...

Relationship problems

April 11, 2011
I'm having relationship problems.No, not with my husband. With my body. The complaints are the same, though."I need more attention!" it complained last year. So I began...

The bottom line of online dating

March 23, 2011
I know many women my age don't like online dating, but I loved it.Every new date was an adventure and even the bad experiences were so wildly bad that all I could do was...

Older people are not plump babies

February 28, 2011
Maybe it's a sign of aging, but in recent years I've been attuned to and offended by the way some younger people infantilize older people.I hear it all the time. ...

Heart and soul friend

February 19, 2011
Everyone has a friend they trust with their heart& the secrets of their soul.I definitely have that kindof heart & soul friend.And I dedicate this Valentine's...

Big Love, different love: is it possible?

February 17, 2011
I'm not sure anyone could've known that the HBO series, Big Love, would be the hit it was.It's about polygamists trying to live their religious principles in the greater...

It’s not love or money, after all

February 15, 2011
The nature of relationships has changed.In fact, seems obvious that the nature of our relationships is cultural.It's something that changes with and adapts to our...

Nature’s valentines

February 14, 2011
Red flamingo flowerTree heartValentine greenValentine webCoral reef,...

Best valentine card ever ♥

February 8, 2011
Valentine's Day is less than a week away.If you haven't found the perfect Valentine's Day card(s) yet,you'd better get a move on.And remember, valentines aren't just...

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