Nature’s valentines

February 14, 2011
Red flamingo flowerTree heartValentine greenValentine webCoral reef,...

Best valentine card ever ♥

February 8, 2011
Valentine's Day is less than a week away.If you haven't found the perfect Valentine's Day card(s) yet,you'd better get a move on.And remember, valentines aren't just...

Miss Manners says backhands are for tennis only

November 23, 2010
Allowing an unimportant mistaketo pass without commentis a wonderful social grace.-Miss Manners 'Tis the season for those gosh-awful scarves that you'll never...

Pig smile

November 10, 2010
Oh come on, who wouldn't love a smile like that?Go ahead.Make someone's...

Monday kindness

November 8, 2010
Another week begins. Another opportunity to do a daily kindness. Even if it's just a big freakin' smile. Try...

Kindness: dog spa

October 27, 2010
This makes me laugh and is a hit with others, too.My 12th kindness (see post, below) is giving a dog a spa treatment: bath, brushing, nails and a Brazilian.{Believe me,...

A year of kindness

October 27, 2010
Another fabulous CurlyGirl Design, and if you don't look for their holiday cards you are definitely missing out.The season is almost upon us. You know, the one in which...

Parental fear of being blamed kills

October 26, 2010
I saw this PostSecret the other day and remembered being a teenager who badly wanted to talk to a therapist. Just as badly as my parents didn't want me to.For this very...

What makes a relationship work. Or not.

October 9, 2010
I've had good relationships and I've had bad ones. But one thing is certain about relationships: it's not about what the couple has in common.Or whether or not they...

Walking the talk

September 1, 2010
It's easy to talk the talk. But walking the talk is where the rubber really meets the road.I see a lot of lip service paid to so-called religious values. And a lot of...

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