Should I delay taking social Security or take it early?

April 11, 2023
I know plenty of people who decided they were tired of working and took Social Security as soon as they were eligible--age 62. But is it the smartest...

Retirement on our minds

June 18, 2016
The Best of Boomer Blogs ... is talking all things retirement this weekend, with a nod to Fathers Day. Because it's mid-June and time to celebrate Dad. Whether...

Struggling to retire

October 9, 2015
More than ever before, I see our generation struggling with retirement: questions of when to retire and how are front and center for at least a dozen people I know. Many...

When retirement goes bad

August 30, 2015
This is how most people view retirement: a time to enjoy a more peaceful life, sort of like these ducks floating on a pond in Sonoma, Calif. And yet.... Ok, I'll just...

Too many choices

June 25, 2015
In the airport the other day I got a little pang of--was it regret?-- as I watched business travelers 20 or so years younger than me tote their briefcases, check their...

Make things happen

December 14, 2014
It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan. So said Eleanor Roosevelt, a woman I have grown to admire tremendously. This post is taking me out on a  limb,...

Real meaning of Labor Day

September 1, 2014
Labor Day was intended to celebrate the achievements of the American labor movement and workers. That's the real meaning of Labor Day. Of course, now it honors all kinds...

Brains and backgammon

July 27, 2014
We've got some time on our hands. More than we ever used to. Time that M and I now spend fiddling with our various remotes. Cable, Roku, DVR--they're a time suck. ...

Silicon Valley: the way we were

July 16, 2014
Way back before Google and Facebook and even before Apple, eight brainy engineers defected from a semiconductor company to start their own transistor business. Led by...

I was so much older then

October 15, 2013
Have you noticed this?  Here's my theory: When we're younger, we're consumed with the serious business of family and career, sometimes starting these efforts very...

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