Back in the day

February 18, 2016
The other night a friend's teenage daughter showed me a photo of her senior prom dress. You know, what we used to call "gowns."  It was beautiful, bare midriff and...

Still stylish vintage shoes

July 17, 2015
Like any fashion, shoe styles come back, something that was evident at a recent vintage couture exhibition at the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco. I blogged...

Makeup trends: what’s old is new again

July 12, 2015
I love the fashion and beauty industries. There really is very little new in either, just a recycling of old fashion and makeup trends that were once fresh and new. So I...

Vintage couture in the 20th century

July 6, 2015
Gorgeous gowns and couture going back 100 years are part of a collection borrowed from the Brooklyn Museum of Art that's closing soon at the Legion of Honor Museum in...

Throwback to the 1960s

March 26, 2015
Buick has reinvented itself now, but back in the day, there was no better throwback than a 1960s Buick. Note the gear shift on the steering column. The narrow, uncovered...

I love the 1940s

November 9, 2014
It's fun to play the game "What other era would you have liked to live in, do you think?" M. and I play it from time to time and his answer is always the 1950s, when he...

Silicon Valley: the way we were

July 16, 2014
Way back before Google and Facebook and even before Apple, eight brainy engineers defected from a semiconductor company to start their own transistor business. Led by...

Going back in time

May 14, 2014
There was once a day when we knew the model and make of every car on the road. Including this iconic finned Cadillac Coup de Ville that we spied while out on errands a...

Besame: retro chic for the 21st century

January 2, 2014
It started with Mad Men. Well, it really started with Dita Von Teese, this 1950s retro thing. Because for a long time, no one wanted to look like a 1950s woman, and...

When hippie chic was new

April 11, 2013
Do you remember these leather bracelets from the 1960s? They're everywhere today but back then hand-worked leather bracelets were a brand new fashion...

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