Forgive them anyway

September 14, 2014
Do it Anyway, an Inspirational Poem by Kent Keith and popularized by Mother Teresa People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered; Forgive them...

Remind me of what matters most

December 30, 2013
 Sometimes, I get hung up on knee-jerk "shoulds."  Those are rules that don't stand the test of thought--things we sometimes think automatically. Of course, one of...

Of rattlesnakes, compassion & forgiveness

June 20, 2013
This is a post about the journey from hurt to compassion, and its ultimate destination: forgiveness. It's not an easy path, I can tell you that.  If you've taken a...

From the darkness into the light of forgiveness

September 17, 2012
Have you figured out what your life's all about? Its purpose? Maybe you don't believe we have a purpose here. I can't say that I always believed that we had...

Family bonds: the hardest thing

July 29, 2012
You'd think family would be the one sure thing in life, the gimme?  Points you got from just being born?  So much thick, meaty stuff bound you to these people,  so...

Found family: an epiphany

July 2, 2012
My family put the dys in dysfunction, and I knew it way too young. It was disappointing, perplexing, embarrassing, sad; and at times it’s been a source of tremendous...

Happy Mother’s Day to doggie mamas

May 13, 2012
Beautiful Henry is my sister-in-love's delightful Irish terrier. There is no sweeter dog. Anywhere.  He happens to live in Rochester, NY, and we visited him last...

Defining sisterhood

February 19, 2012
Four Sisters by Rick MobbsI've been lucky to have shared my lifewith many wonderful womenwho have given mewarm sisterly energy.I think women crave a bond with...

Love without legalities

November 20, 2011
Here in the 21st century our lives are chock-full of relationshipsthat remain long after "official" status gone.Like an in-law.{I hate the "in-law" designation.}Or...

Best valentine card ever ♥

February 8, 2011
Valentine's Day is less than a week away.If you haven't found the perfect Valentine's Day card(s) yet,you'd better get a move on.And remember, valentines aren't just...

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