Sit Saturday ~ best question

February 6, 2010
Several questions our dog trainer asked really hit home.She suggested that we not allow Riley up on a chair by the window."Then he can't look out the window," I...

The definition of intimidation

December 31, 2009
If you don't believe that 8 lb. Riley terrorizes our 40+ pound hound, Little He, these photos tell the story. Here's an early Sit! Saturday. We didn't set this...

Sit! Saturday ~ a career in sales

December 27, 2009
Our kennel owner:"The girls had Riley outside the other day..."Interpretation: Riley gets special privileges because of his big personality and they all love him. He...

Sit Saturday – dog fight

December 18, 2009
Once you've heard a chow in full dog fight, you never forget it.Puddin' and Tinker, our two alpha females, really went at it the other night. We're not really sure what...

Sit Saturday ~ territory

December 12, 2009
Sometimes, you just have to be there. Riley has claimed our bedroom as his turf and fiercely protects it from the other dogs. His red airline carrier stays in our...

Sit Saturday ~ a rock and a hard place

December 5, 2009
Incremental progress has definitely been made toward peace in the household. But it's complicated.Riley is clearly the center of all things.Puddin', our chow, has...

Sit! Saturday – an update

November 21, 2009
It's been such an eventful week that I haven't had a moment to take photos. So here is the scoop:M. was gone for 5 days and I had all the pets to myself.So let's see:...

Sit Saturday ~ perrolegal

November 14, 2009
Every day, Riley assists M. in the practice of law. M. calls him his assistant. His "perro-legal", you might say.(Sorry. M. Couldn't resist. In case you don't know,...

Sit Saturday ~ having a cat again

November 7, 2009
This is the adorable and sweet Gigi. She and I have coffee together in the predawn hours, while Riley is fast asleep with M. Door closed, of course. Because Riley still...

Sit Saturday ~ dental care

October 31, 2009
Riley has recovered from his teeth cleaning ordeal and is back to his usual energetic self. He was in foul humor when he got home from the clinic (and probably still...

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