Sit Saturday ~ a bed of her own

October 24, 2009
No, this isn't Tinker. She hasn't sit still long enough for me to get a shot like this.She's been cramming her old, sore, crippled bones and joints into Riley's small...

Sit Saturday ~ it’s complicated

October 17, 2009
When I envisioned having all the pets together, I assumed we'd have antics galore to describe.In fact, the bigger dogs are like rugs: they lay around.But blending the...

Sit Saturday-predawn rain

October 10, 2009
All the dogs are adorable, but the beauty shot this morning belongs to Little He, lounging on the sofa cover, with his ear cocked cavalierly.Puddin' looks intimidating,...

Sit Saturday – reintegration

October 3, 2009
Everyone is home and our dog trainer just left. Little He and Tinker look great, all groomed and cute. Happy to be home.Our attention today was on Riley. Riley is a...

Sit Saturday-from Italy

September 26, 2009
The tales of our wagging tails are suspended because our babies are in the States and we are in Italy. Which would be unbearable if Italy wasn't...Italy.Instead, we'll...

Sit Saturday–blending a family

September 20, 2009
I already miss them.Especially the little troublemaker.I miss him a whole lot.Thinking of doggy kisses and sending love to my little furry...

Sit Saturday – feeling safe

September 5, 2009
When Riley was a puppy, I had the dog equivalent of a baby Snugli for him. It was like a backpack, only the pouch was in front. I'd put his little self in every morning...

Sit Saturday – last week alone

August 29, 2009
My little love muffin prepares to meet his new step-siblings.The plush pink throw is meant to protect our furniture from Gigi and Rufus --claws and hair -- and Little...

Sit Saturday: friendship

August 22, 2009
The other day I was on the phone with my fabulous husband, who was back in Coral Gables.His chow-chow, Puddin', was sitting with him. Riley was with me, and started to...

Sit Saturday: Crating

August 15, 2009
That's bad boy, deep in dreamland.The other day, M. & I made a quick trip to Petco for supplies. On our way home, I asked, "Did we crate Riley before we left?" I...

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