Lessons from a classmate’s death

August 24, 2021
Over the weekend, I learned that a classmate of mine had died. A really nice and real human being. It wasn't a recent death--it predated Covid by a couple of years,...

When we remembered who we are

May 25, 2020
This is my hope. That what's going on now will turn the tide for humanity. That we will realize that caring for one another is what's really important and that we will...

Morning rituals

October 27, 2017
Light a pretty candle and spend some time in meditation or prayer. Write in a journal...pour your heart out...write what's on your mind...what's in your heart...your...

Ritual for a dark world

October 26, 2017
I was first introduced to a Peruvian despacho ceremony at an afterlife conference a few years ago. That one was a beautiful and moving ritual that honored the dead, and...

5 unmistakable signs you need a spiritual tune up

September 11, 2017
When we're feeling low and depressed, many of us turn to a pill as a default solution. But what if all it takes to feel better is a spiritual tune-up? Ask yourself if...

Spiritual cleansing

February 3, 2017
I'll be back from school in Virginia Beach over the weekend. This is the last of the guest posts that have been running in my absence. And here's one on spiritual...

School days, school daze

January 13, 2017
It's that time again--the new semester has started for me and it'll be the last in the Master's certificate program I'm doing in Integrated Imagery.  Which is another...

Remember we are made of prayers

November 10, 2016
We must remember the worlds our ancestors traveled. Always wear the songs they gave us. Remember we are made of prayers. Now we leave wrapped in blankets of love...

Making decisions with the heart

June 24, 2016
Intuition can be a big help in making decisions, especially for empaths. Which I think I might be, because I have always been able to intuitively feel and perceive...

Through the portal

May 30, 2016
As you read this I have already begun an amazing inner journey that started today as I walked through a doorway, the portal to my inner world... on an inner...

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