The complicated story of a Roy Orbison concert

May 30, 2014
Who doesn't love Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman? The first few bars of the song, a hit in  1964, defined my young adolescence. And the Traveling Wilburys were a particular...

Pijon Box: cool box curated for college students

April 3, 2014
Moms have been sending care packages to college students since, well, certainly since I was in college. Like most students, I loved getting a surprise box in the...

Snow, ice & Currier & Ives

February 24, 2014
Snow.  That scene's  idyllic, isn't it? The snow looks so soft and fluffy. But when you've had so much of it, the charm dissipates a bit.  That's what my...

India: A native of the country responds

December 12, 2013
I was delighted to hear that my nephew and some of his fellow grad students in Syracuse were following my blog posts while I was in India and those posts that followed...

Is everyone who writes a writer?

August 17, 2013
“I’m writing a book!” I hear it all the time at parties.  While people wouldn’t dream of suggesting they’d become…well, for example, a...

Life isn’t short, it’s long

June 27, 2013
How many times have you heard someone say, "Life is short!"  Or said it yourself? It's a constant in my vocabulary, a reminder that we should all make the most of...

Where I’m going and coming back

April 22, 2013
Oh, the many places we've been in our lives!Have you counted? The places where your life played out: your childhood home. The tree on which you and your...

Trippy times, trippy tree

December 26, 2012
Trippy tree It isn't often that we meet someone from our long-ago past, but such was the case a couple weeks ago, when I found myself sitting at lunch next to...

Going home again

July 16, 2012
Home.For me, it's always been several places. Syracuse. Tallahassee. Los Gatos. San Jose. Mountain View. Saratoga. Tampa. Schoen Place But there's only one hometown...

Occupy fatigue & the irony of greed

December 5, 2011
I have to admit, I'm glad to see the Occupy Movement falling victim to Occupy fatigue. I'm way down the liberal side of the political continuum. But still, the Occupy...

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