Life map & Lucille Ball

August 6, 2011
<div> Not everything that is faced can be changed,but nothing can be changed until it is...

Walk down Memory Lane at the Computer History Museum

June 21, 2011
For decades, most of us "elders" have come along with the tech revolution every step of the way. Remember when 200 megabytes was a huge amount of storage? Those huge CPU...

Bookstore closings reflect emphasis on tweets over Twain

April 4, 2011
Sad signs like this are appearing all over the country.The world of books and literature is changing and we'll be the worse for it, I think.A lot of ingredients in this...

The bottom line of online dating

March 23, 2011
I know many women my age don't like online dating, but I loved it.Every new date was an adventure and even the bad experiences were so wildly bad that all I could do was...

Customer service: Apple gets it

March 22, 2011
I am the proud owner of a brand new, IMac with a monitor bigger than the TV in my bedroom. And way bigger than my MacBook Pro.As I write this, the new Mac's at the Apple...

@ odds with silly affectations

March 6, 2011
While I'm asking questions this week, here's another one.When did our name begin with this symbol: @?My mother did not name me @Carol.My dog is not @Riley.My friends...

The Computer History Museum: fantastic collection

February 20, 2011
I live in a place where slide rule tie clasps are consideredworthy museum pieces.I admit it.And maybe I'm just a little bit proud of it.Because Silicon Valley has...

Online tree-decorating game

November 30, 2010
Have you decorated your Christmas tree yet? Many families get their tree Thanksgiving weekend, pull out the decorations and have at it.Whether you've decorated it or...

Teaching an old dog new tricks

October 23, 2010
Staring down into the big empty tub of my brand new Whirlpool washer, I am hugely intimidated. It's empty because there is no agitator. Recognizing the confusion that...

The Facebook Fad

September 11, 2010
Facebook is ubiquitous in just about all age groups and I'm fascinated with the different ways people use it. Here are a few of my favorites:First, there are The...

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