Prince Charming for the 21st century

August 30, 2010
Back in the day, every girl's mom wanted her to marry a doctor or a lawyer. Ok, maybe not every mom, but many.Their idea of a more practical prince in the...

Secret agent, Facebook-style

August 29, 2010
My husband isn't the social media type.First, he's only social in person. And second, he isn't all that interested in what other people are doing every second. In fact,...

Apple: arrogant, but still the best game in town

August 14, 2010
I'm writing this on my trusty MacBook Pro, which is back from the spa a mere 48 hours after it left my hands.Of course, the only thing that wasn't replaced was the hard...

Unintended consequences: the tech revolution

August 9, 2010
All the writing, sealing, stamping and mailing I've done lately has made me consider how correspondence has evolved over the last couple of decades. Or devolved,...

Board-certified spin doctors

July 29, 2010
I stopped into the Apple store this morning while on a quick trip to the mall. I figured I'd nose around the Iphone area. So I played around with a phone. Pretty...

The prudent thing to do

July 5, 2010
And a sign of the times.A college student I know has political aspirations. I heard he deleted his Facebook account as part of his long-term preparation.He is not even...

A Saturday view of social media

March 27, 2010
I'm a big fan of, a sort of high-level media gossip site, and read a story the other day whose last graf caught my eye. It's a feeling of empty loneliness ...

Twitter is not life

March 8, 2010
If you participate in any of the social media, especially Facebook or Twitter, you've probably noticed that many people post all day. Every day. Regardless of what...

Twitter is ridiculous

January 13, 2010
Ok, so I'll say it.Twitter is ridiculous. That is not to say that I won't tweet for marketing purposes.And I do pop in from time to time to lurk, a voyeur who finds some...

Kindle evaluation

October 3, 2009
M. and I both used the Kindle extensively on our trip. By popular demand, here's our review.The goodIt's ingenious.I love the convenience of bringing 15 books to Italy...

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