Welcome to Terra Nova

November 12, 2011
It's got Spielberg involved, but it's not doing very well. We might be the only people watching this hot mess, which runs on Fox at 8pm on Mondays. You can also catch it...

Patti Stanger, you’ve gone over the edge

September 15, 2011
Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger has gotten some bad advice. Or, maybe she's gotten the right advice and chosen not to follow it. God knows, I had plenty of those...

Recklessly irresponsible television

June 28, 2011
Hair-pulling.Drink-throwing.Pushing.Shoving.Fist-fighting."I want to beat her face into the sidewalk."Table-flipping.Just a few of the things that attract viewers tothe...

When is reality just too real?

May 11, 2011
I'm a voyeur. Fact is, there are a lot of us, and one dead giveaway is that we're the ones who watch reality shows. If you're a Real Housewife of... viewer, then you're...

Big Love, different love: is it possible?

February 17, 2011
I'm not sure anyone could've known that the HBO series, Big Love, would be the hit it was.It's about polygamists trying to live their religious principles in the greater...

Brandi Carlile -The Story

November 23, 2010
Grey's Anatomy has made songs and artists famous. Their selections are perfect. Somehow, the music always supports the mood, the moment, the storyline on what has turned...

Loving the fairy tale

November 18, 2010
Cuppa? Handsome Prince William has chosen the lovely future Queen Catherine as his bride and memorabilia's already in British shops. {Cuppa tea, anyone? Stitch?...

Bad mommy

November 4, 2010
Some of my favorite online haunts are entertainment industry gossip columns and I'm not afraid to admit it.I'm well-educated, have had responsible jobs and a long career...

Mad Men: work-life balance

October 25, 2010
There's been lively blogging and a wide variety of analyses of Mad Men in major publications since the show's finale.Here's a paragraph that struck me:We talk about how...

Detached mothers & Betty Draper

October 21, 2010
I hate to beat Mad Men to death, but hubby and I have been talking about Betty Draper today. So let's dish.Betty's a terrible mother, isn't she? She's immature, abusive...

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