An open letter to hotels about their unsanitary practices

August 17, 2021
As an avid and frequent traveler, I have seen it all. Well, maybe not "it all". But enough to have pet peeves, especially about unsanitary practices. And these...

What you need to know before you go to Egypt

April 10, 2019
Our trip to Egypt might have been the very best trip I've ever taken. We went with Lindblad/National Geographic, and the trip was led by two Egyptologists who gave us...

ID, boarding pass and … mask?

March 8, 2016
Thank you to the guy who coughed all over me during my recent flight home from San Diego. Yes, I know it was you. I could smell the pizza you had for lunch. Learn to...

What you should know before you rent a vacation home

November 12, 2015
I've rented vacation homes from Rome to Key West to London, San Francisco, Santa Fe and, well, several other places. Now that Air B&B has become the next big...

5 ways to have a relaxing vacation

September 26, 2015
If you really want to relax, you need to get away. That's why vacations are called getaways: you are removed from all the every day stressors of life in the 21st...

How I learned I was Queen of England

December 11, 2014
If you're spending time in airports this month, or any time, it pays to keep your eyes open. You never know what--or whom--you'll see. There was a day when I actually...

Holiday air travel tips

November 24, 2014
The other week we flew across the country from SFO to the western NY city that is our hometown, Rochester.  There was a full schedule of events and a full house at...

Eight must-packs for any vacation

August 3, 2014
Whether it’s a road trip or a vacation across the world, there are a few things you might not think of packing  that will absolutely come in handy when you’re...

Capitalizing on our paranoia

May 6, 2014
The thing about capitalism is that entrepreneurs can and will monetize just about everything. Including our paranoia.  That's the beauty of our system. The Skymall...

More helpful travel tips

April 23, 2014
Vacation season's coming and I'm hearing that some of you are taking big, exotic trips.  My big trips are more toward the end of the year, but we've got a few smaller...

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