Charging into our shortest month

February 3, 2015
How did Punxutawney Phil predict another six weeks of winter, when here in California, it's been spring for so long I can't remember? Of course, this is bad news for...

Showing your treasures: TMI

January 24, 2015
"Pull your dress down, darlin'. We don't show our treasure." I saw that quote the other week and it made me laugh, first because it's so Southern and I spent a good...

Love me, love my book

January 23, 2015
Writing a book is...difficult. Authors pour every ounce of their being into a tome--no small amount of blood, sweat and tears are shed--and then it's out, for the world...

Word crimes: common errors

January 3, 2015
Hello my darlings, it's me again, the Grammar Bitch, here to help set you straight in the new year. It's been a couple years now since I've taught college classes, and...

Bad judgment by a princess, writer & faux housewife

September 24, 2014
Radziwill is one of those names that used to only resonate with women of our generation. At one time it was the married name of Lee Bouvier, the sister of Jackie Kennedy...

Grammar bitch talks grammar errors

August 7, 2014
Grammar errors. Read enough Facebook posts and even blogs and the grammar makes your eyes burn. I am not exactly the grammar police, but I have to admit: I do judge....

Perfect time

July 3, 2014
Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time. Yes, I know this is hard for some to swallow because the Universe has "gifted" them with some tremendous...

Closure ain’t all that

July 2, 2014
Are you one of those people who likes things neatly tied up in perfectly fitting boxes? That's how I used to be. Ambiguity was a horrifying thought. Uncertainty...

What comes next?

June 29, 2014
So what comes to mind when you see this sign? Image? Word? Anecdote? Emotion? Don't think about it. Just go down to the comments and write down the very first...

Let’s play a game

June 1, 2014
I saw this number on rocks along the jetty at Half Moon Bay, Calif. the other day. There are others, too, but not necessarily consecutive. It was...

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