Talking about Happy Places

June 14, 2015

my happy placeHappy Places. With capital H and P.

I laugh and say that Macy’s shoe department is my Happy Place.  But is it? It’s certainly my RETAIL Happy Place. In fact, the entire store is that for me.

But my Happy Place? It ain’t retail.  A Happy Place fills your heart and soul in some special way.

I have a few.

Big Sur. Its beauty and majesty remind me of the glory of the Divine. Every time.

Manhattan. It’s a living, breathing organism that vibrates at its own frequency. It’s hard to not be alive in Manhattan.

Rome.  The power of history and thoughts of the ancients consume me as I walk past the Colosseum and other antiquities that are part of every day life, still.

Vienna. The big, beautiful and ornate scale makes me think of royalty. I can’t help but also think of Nazis in a sobering reminder of the evils that men do. Still. But not here now, which is what makes it happy place. The reminder that history cycles on if we let it. And the remembrance that we can’t let evils happen again. I know, an odd way to think of a Happy Place but that’s how it is.

Amsterdam.  It’s counter. Counter-culture and against the grain. No surprise that I love it for that. The row houses and Amstel River are so picturesque. Tulips and cheeses. Ahh.

Seattle.  The wet and green reminds me that nature is in charge. If not for the rain, I’d love to live there.

San Francisco.  I breathe in the clang of cable cars and one-of-a-kind vibe. City Lights Bookstore and the Fine Arts Museums. Theatre. And only an hour or so away.

Anywhere my husband and Riley are.  That’s love. How lucky I am!

So, I’m askin’. What’s your Happy Place and what makes it that?

14 comments on “Talking about Happy Places
  1. Liv says:

    Great list Carol. I’ve only been to a couple – and today my favorite place is NYC!!

  2. Angie says:

    I like your list of happy places. I think I’d like Seattle for sure. I’m not very well traveled, but I find that I am more at peace and happiest whenever I enter a woods or meadow. We have plenty of them in my area. I’d have to say the garden is my next place…

  3. Carol Graham says:

    It matters not where I am – it matters who I am with. My happy place has always been with my family. We traveled abroad when we were young — now I only travel for work and so happy when I get back home. Hope that’s not a sign of aging!!

  4. Ali Davies says:

    We share a lot of places in common. I would add to the list West Cork in Ireland where I lived for 7 years.

  5. They all sound like great places! My favorite please is the beach, so relaxing listening to the roar of the ocean and a beautiful view!

  6. Philadelphia has been my happy place for many, many years. From the first time I was there, something pulled at my heart and I knew it was where I belonged.
    That led to the NJ shore, which is my favorite place and now I live there. How lucky am I? Pretty lucky!

  7. J.Q. Rose says:

    My happy places are with my husband in Florida for the winter and Michigan in the summer. I like sharing my life with him.

  8. Laurel Regan says:

    In terms of the cities I’ve visited, I love New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. But my happy place is always near the water – preferably the ocean, but a river or lake will do just fine.

  9. I have a few happy places but the two that come to mine most often are the Quiet Room at Miraval and Londolozi in Africa. It makes me happy just to think about going back to both of them.

  10. Carolann says:

    Great list! I would have to agree – anywhere my family is is a happy place for me!

  11. Elizabeth O. says:

    These are all beautiful places and I’ve only been to a few of them. My happy place is the beach.

  12. Amy says:

    I am happiest when I’m at home with my husband and cats (and okay, the bird too 🙂 ) I have traveled to many places across the country and world, but since I’ve gotten a bit older, I’m happiest at home. My favorite place you mentioned is Seattle. I’d live there if it didn’t rain as much as it does. I also loved visiting Ireland (Howth, County Wicklow area) and Yorkshire.

  13. On the road anywhere alone with my husband, or in the canoe that works too. Places Charleston and San Francisco are my two favorite cities and I love NYC your description is perfect!

  14. rocky says:

    Great list, I’ve been to Seattle and San Francisco … Manhattan is my first choice for next year trip!

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