Tangible. Again.

January 30, 2009

During yesterday’s photo shoot for our website, my partner and I asked our photographer, George, to take some fun shots of us talking, laughing and kibitzing. When I saw the digital shots a few minutes later I was struck by how clearly our affection for each other came through. We really do like each other and always have a great time when we talk or work together.

It’s great to have a partner with whom I feel so connected. We have similar aesthetic senses, which made it a breeze to approve our logo and to agree on a direction for the website. We can pretty much finish each other’s sentences and we write well together. It’s all good.

Everything we’re doing now is leading to our big “coming out” in Nashville next week. It feels tangible now.

Tangible has become really important to me these days. I have no more patience for empty promises of any kind. Either make it happen or don’t–no excuses. Life is too short to equivocate.

That’s where I’ve been at these last few months and it feels mighty good. I’ve lived too long in shades of grey. No more.

Many things feel mighty good these days. Including a few days in Nashville. I’ve never been.

I’ve been listening to country music to get in the mood. Is there any song more emblematic of “country” that Conway Twitty’s “Rest Your Love on Me?” Or more beautiful?

I heard it the other day and can’t get it out of my head.

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