Tap dancing into the future

July 5, 2012
Really??? a cone bra?

Out of extreme boredom, I saw a few episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras the other day. Watching little girls dressed like hookers, spreading their legs to do stripper moves, made up like tramps, I felt like I was looking at beings on an entirely different planet. What ARE these parents thinking?

This little girls looks like she’s 30.

Toddlers and tiaras, be damned–THIS is what a little kid should be doing: going to tap dance class and dressing up as Little Bo Peep for a recital.

Me, 5 years old. Lipstick & rouge, that’s it.

Or, wearing an age-appropriate tap-dance tutu.

Don’t you love that modeling pose? And ringlets!

I can’t even believe what I am seeing on TV. It feels like our entire society is imploding: social, economic, political, and I’m afraid we won’t see it rebuilt to something more healthy in my lifetime.

2 comments on “Tap dancing into the future
  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely agree. I don’t watch that show, but notice it when I try to shop for clothes and find they are form fitting or styled too maturely. Or when I try to find sandals for my 1st grader and they all have heels. It makes me wonder if the world is being run by pedophiles. I would hope parents are smarter and shield their girls.

  2. I wish. I also see parents posting very provocative *unintentionally* photos of their precocious kids on FB and I wonder if they have protected these posts so only their friends see them. It’s all very worrying

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