Taste everything

July 1, 2011
I’ve always been a “taste everything” kind of girl, open to
new experiences and willing to take a chance.

Some things work out, and some don’t.
If we’re smart, we’re able to move past the ones that
don’t work out and enjoy the ones that do.

I’m interested in how YOU look at life.

I ran across a great concept the other day and thought I’d ask you about it.
I’d love to know:

Taste life & describe it to me.

Take a bite, roll it around on your tongue.
What’s it like?

4 comments on “Taste everything
  1. Life is delicious, a combination of all of my favortie tastes: salty, sweet, chewy, meaty, savory, spicy, and fulfilling

  2. Alan says:

    Decorum prevents me from answering but thanks for asking. Have a great Fourth (and even better fifth).

  3. Alan, this made me Laugh Out Loud. Thank you! Stay safe this holiday. And mostly, stay out of trouble. 😉

  4. Brenda, love it! Chewy is such a good word for this.

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