It’s tea time

March 29, 2015

tea-timeLet’s have a cup of tea today, shall we?  And read through some of the best things I’ve seen in my travels around the web recently.  It’s funny, isn’t it, that when I think of relaxing and reading, I think of a cup of tea. When it’s socializing I want to do,  face to face, it’s coffee.  So today, it’s a cup of tea and a songbird to accompany reading.

Curated for your reading pleasure this tea time:

Clutter is on my mind these days, as I go through 10 years of detritus from a storage unit. So of course this post on decluttering –everything–home and work– caught my eye. And I do mean EVERYTHING. I’m confident you’ll find advice you need here, een if it’s about the most obscure kind of organizing task ever.

My friend, Corinne, had a lovely piece on the need for stillness in our lives. You can find it HERE.

A beautiful and moving story of panther and how we really can communicate with all living things.


Neurologist and best-selling writer Oliver Sacks has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and as usual, has some wisdom for us HERE in a beautiful essay published in the New York Times.   If you don’t know him and his fascinating writing, you should. Grateful he will leave us so many gifts.

I shared this in another post not too long ago. It’s an essay about a radical new cancer treatment: don’t treat.   You can find it HERE if you missed it the first time.

Let me what resonates for you in this compilation of online reading.

6 comments on “It’s tea time
  1. Carolann says:

    Reading those articles now. My poor hubby has Follicular Lymphoma and I’m worried sick 🙁 thanks Carol.

  2. Lily Lau says:

    Let’s have that cup, Carol. I feel our Oliver Sacks…

  3. Alana says:

    If I shared a cup with you, I would tell you that a family member was treated for the exact same cancer last year (successfully) as Oliver Sacks has. When I heard, several weeks ago, of his terminal illness, I was saddened immensely. Another family member also taught at Albert Einstein School of Medicine, where Sacks taught for many years. I also lived not that far away from Beth Abraham in the Bronx, when I was growing up. I never met him (that I am aware of) but I’ve been well aware of him for many years.

  4. K. Lee Banks says:

    I’m drinking my Constant Comment tea now – and clutter – yuck! Something I’m also trying to overcome this year, ASAP! I crave that peace and stillness that a clutter-free environment could provide!

  5. What a shame. Oliver Sacks’ essay came up ‘not found’. Cancer is a terrible thing that seems to be affecting more and more people. My husband has it too. Enough said. Instead, let’s drink a cup of tea to sooth our troubled mind.

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