“Thank you, Mood!”

February 18, 2014

Mood signIf you’re a fan of Project Runway, you know those words. Mood Fabrics co-stars as the place where competing designers find the fabrics and notions that make their designs come to life. Fashion teacher extraordinaire, Tim Gunn,  leads the “Thank you!” and designers would chime in as they all rushed off to the work room at Parsons School of Design.

I’m a fan. So when my girlfriend asked if i wanted to go to Mood while we were both in Manhattan, I was IN.

“I just want to grab some rolls of fabric and run up and down the aisles,” she laughed.  Yeah, me, too!

Here was a big surprise– Mood is not on the street front and there’s no sign outside. It’s on the third floor of nondescript building. Very old school city location….there were many businesses like this downtown in my home town of Rochester, NY.  The elevator’s old-school, too–complete with elevator operator. I was too bundled up to be able to whip out a camera. Because it was COLD in Manhattan last week!

Stock photo

Stock photo

It was old.  But it delivered us to Mood in a jiffy. And what a fun place!
Mood rolls niceWhat fan of the show hasn’t seen designers mulling over colors?  These attracted me immediately. Of course, I wouldn’t know what to do with them — but they ARE pretty.

Mood rolls color printFabrics we didn’t see on the show–or haven’t seen so far. That I can recall. But I like them. Wouldn’t they make a pretty skirt?

Mood rolls beigeBeige and more beige–who knew there were so many versions of…”beige?”  I’m just not a beige kind of girl.

Mood rolls CUThese summery fabrics remind me of patio furniture and the beach. Which means they’ll never be chosen by designers on the TV show.

Mood rolls sparkly 1 Mood rolls sparklySparkly fabric reminded me of my friend LK, who loves all things shiny and bright. I’d be tempted to buy these even if I had no use for them. (I didn’t.)

Mood tableThe cutting table…I’ve only had to buy lengths of fabrics a couple of times, but this cutting table looks like it’s done duty for a very long time.

Mood feathers BWFeathers–every use that came to mind was, well, tacky, but sometimes designers come up with some of the most interesting applications.  And there was a whole small rack of them in different colors.

Mood rowDesigners running up and down the many aisles –a hallmark of the show. I could almost see Mondo with his bolts and rolls.  But…where’s Swatch? We looked all over for the house dog. After all, we were in town for Westminster, surely he would be there to greet us, right?

Mood rollsWe never did see Swatch. So we asked. Turns out, he hadn’t been there in a few days.  Maybe it’s just been too cold. We were disappointed, for sure.

mood-dog-swatch-blog-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog1Here’s Swatch, ready for his close up!  We were sorry to miss him, but hope to see him next time we’re in town.

15 comments on ““Thank you, Mood!”
  1. I am such a fan…I would love to go to Mood….and I just knew Swatch had to be at the end. Thanks for taking us there with you!! Tim has a new show on right now…and it is a nice followup to the next season of Project Runway!

  2. Karen @ Baking In A Tornado says:

    I’m sorry to say that i don’t sew, but I can certainly appreciate the beauty of all of that fabric. So much to see and explore, I’m surprised you didn’t try to put up a tent and move in for a few days.

  3. Diane says:

    My Husby says that, when I die, he’s going to spread my ashes at the fabric store. That says it all . . .

  4. Mary Ellen says:

    I also made a point to visit Mood on my last trip to New York and was enthralled by the experience. While in high school, I made almost all my own clothes. Mood sparked all my impulses to sew again. The only thing that disappointed was Swatch. I chased him around the store to pet and love on him, and he was so not interested. He may be jaded by his fame–the Greta Garbo of dogs.

    • admin says:

      OMG you had a Swatch sighting! How disappointing that he isn’t into his fans….thankfully, we were traveling with friends who had a dog at Westminster and Rocky DOES love his fans. So I got lots of doggy kisses and hugs!

  5. Haralee says:

    How fun for you! I buy my fabric at a warehouse location that is just so fun to look at! I have a friend who does sew and she has a room devoted and keeps folds and bolts of fabric on display not that she will use but because they are pretty and inspirational!

  6. Sounds like a fun field trip. I’d love to go there someday. I love Swatch too. What a shame you missed him.

  7. Doreen McGettigan says:

    I wish I could sew! Thank you for sharing your visit with us.

  8. Meg at Mood says:

    Great post and wonderful photos! Sorry about Swatch not being here. He’s been also working at our New Jersey warehouse, but he may have taken that day off too. He really hates the snow!

    • admin says:

      Meg, we’ll be returning during Westminster next year and then again in spring, so we’ll let you know so maybe we can meet him! But, note that one of the commenters here said he was like the Greta Garbo of dogs….

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