"That WAS your rest."

August 4, 2011

Before I go to conference sessions this morning, I might as well describe something that happened to me last week.

Young trainer-in-training handed me some heavy weights, demonstrated the exercise and told me to do 20 reps. That’s him on the left. (Not me on the right)

“Do three sets.”

Whoa, they were heavy.

When I hit 20 reps, I set down the dumbbells and asked “Do I get to rest?”

“That WAS your rest,” he said. “Two more sets, start now.”

And that’s why I call him young-sadist-in-training.

(He’s very good.) (And I need to ask longer questions.)

THIS is my regular trainer, who just opened his own studio in Willow Glen.
Yeah, he’s pretty hot. And not as young as he looks. We middle-aged-divas (and he has a lot of us) like to give him a tough time about not dressing so ghetto and showing more of his great body –as a marketing tool, of course. Yeah, yeah, that’s right. A marketing tool.

He just laughs and tells us to do more reps.

See that wooden contraption behind him on the right? It’s called “The Tower” and it is the single best thing you can do if you have back problems. I can testify. It’s part of the “Egoscue” method, and Trainer Chris does this with clients as needed.

Yes, you, too, can lie in The Tower and look at guns as good as his. Hit me up if you’re local and want to know more.

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