That’s life

February 20, 2015

That's-lifeI sit at my desk and watch the process of life unfold on my Facebook feed.

Friends get engaged and married.

Babies are born and babies die.

People get sick. Babies get sick, too.

Cancer is diagnosed.

Or flu.

Knees act up. Or hips.

Cute dog pictures go by. Or kittens.

Couples announce they’re “in a relationship”.

Others break up and still others divorce.

Some people tell us they are depressed.

Political opinions and social commentary are posted and debated.

Jokes and cartoons appear, along with pet-shaming videos. We laugh together in that LOL kind of way.

We also cry together. And pray.

World news is announced, national news is posted and all news is commented upon.

We live our lives out loud in our Facebook feeds, the greater world around us made personal and  impersonal at the same time.

I look at my friend’s cover photo of her beloved, recently-deceased husband looking down while their tiny kitten sits on his shoulders, a moment in time captured in the click of shutter, now a memory.

My feed goes by as fast as a ticker tape, reminding me that all life moments are gone equally quickly.




24 comments on “That’s life
  1. Jacqueline says:

    I’ve been thinking about this too, Carol. It is all over in a blink. Are we watching it go by or are we participating?

  2. Karen says:

    So true–a reminder, perhaps, to slow down and live.

  3. ryder ziebarth says:

    Touching, timely and true. Loved this, Carol.

  4. Laura Kennedy says:

    Beautiful. Thanks.

  5. Carpe diem. Live each day as if it’s your last. Such trite sayings but oh, so true.

  6. Carolann says:

    Boy, isn’t that the truth. Much of it can be depressing as much as happy. Thank goodness for the “I don’t want to see this” feature in FB. lol. There seems to be lots I don’t want to see especially wounded animals 🙁 Much to think about for sure! Thanks for the reflective moment Carol…always wonderful!

  7. I’ve left a lot of group and turned off notifications. It’s too much with so much negativity these days for me at least on facebook.

  8. Life is the longest thing we will ever do but at the same time, it’s over with in a flash.

  9. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    So true. A good reminder to cherish the happy moments because they are so fleeting — and remember that the sad moments are fleeting as well.

  10. A very real reminder to live and love in the moment.

  11. Very true. Instead of water cooler gossip… we now have FB. We have vaguebooking, we have the overshare and then we have hide them from our feed. It is a fascinating microcosm of life.

  12. It’s so true, time passes by so quickly and changes so radically. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate each moment and live life to it’s fullest each day. 🙂

  13. That’s life…that’s what they say, flying high in April…shot down in May. And the wheel of fortune keeps turning.

  14. Brittany says:

    This is beautifully written, and absolutely true! Well done 🙂

  15. Estelle says:

    So true. And that’s why we must savor and enjoy every moment now–the present, because it truly is a gift.

  16. Julee says:

    Life passes quickly. I think about my children, my oldest 25 and it seems like just today I brought him home. Perhaps we are too occupied with living life through a computer and not so many of us are actually out there living it. Things to think about for certain.

  17. Heather says:

    Wow, this is the deepest post I’ve read about Facebook and I love how you poetically wrote this. You are so right, we are watching our lives tick by post by post out loud. I guess a part of me likes it. I like to look back and see what feelings are brought about by a photo I took a year ago. There’s some nostalgia in it.

  18. Andi says:

    Poignantly said and something that just about everyone experiences these days.

  19. As on Facebook, as in life. This post was definitely an “aha” moment to stop watching the time go by and live it instead!

  20. You bet and life goes on but the most important thing is to pursue our own happiness

  21. You talk about the outpouring of experiences–I wonder if people use the relative anonymity of FB to share those things that feel harder to say face to face. I had a dream last night that served to remind me that there is much to savor in slowing down and taking stock of what’s right in front of me. Seems we’re on the same wavelength.

  22. I am bad about looking through what people have posted. I find that most people just share the highlight reel.

  23. Donna says:

    I always say I eat breakfast every 20 minutes. Time is going by so fast….

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