The alchemy of love.

March 13, 2013

All love connections are not created equal.
…some have a mystical quality from the first meeting. 
Pure and simple. 
Apparent from the first out-breath. 
Unmistakably sacred. 
God rising on the wings of their love. 
This is how the timely and the timeless become indistinguishable
–when love meets God deep in the heart’s inner temple.
Jeff Brown*

Who’s to say how this happens? 
The alchemy of love is  one of the great mysteries of life.

The quote’s from Jeff Brown’s new book-in-progress on love 
and it’s as perfect a description of love as I’ve ever read. 

That is, if love can be described.

Brown goes on to remind us that some connections are simply practical, 
while others are blindly rooted in pathology and old traumas. 
And some bonds are opportunities to heal and have needs finally met. 
Oh-so-many kinds of love. 

But is there anything as beautiful
as when love meets God, deep in the heart’s inner temple?
The guy can turn a phrase.
I’ll be first in line to buy the book
and read more of his thoughts on love.
4 comments on “The alchemy of love.
  1. How poetically said. Lovely!

  2. It seems my husband and I have that kind of love. It still stuns me.

  3. It seems my husband and I have that kind of love. It still stuns me.

  4. Few have that kind of love, in my opinion.
    Congrats to Shelley and her husband…you are swoon worthy in my book.

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